Wirral Tae Kwon-do


Welcome to the Wirral Tae kwon-do members area.

Monthly Fee's

Month Date due Birkenhead Date due Wallasey Amount
January Sunday 4th Saturday 3rd £40
February Sunday 1st Wednesday 4th £40
March Sunday 1st Wednesday 4th £40
April Thursday 2nd Wednesday 1st £40
May Sunday 3rd Saturday 2nd £40
June Monday 1st Wednesday 3rd £40
July Thursday 2nd Wednesday 1st £40
August Sunday 2nd Saturday 1st £40
September Thursday 3rd Wednesday 2nd £40
October Thursday 1st Saturday 3rd £40
November Sunday 1st Wednesday 4th £40
December Thursday 3rd Wednesday 2nd £40


The monthly fee's are to be paid in full on the dates shown. You are required to train twice a week. A missed lesson can be made up at either club.

If a student is to miss a lesson they or their parent/guardian MUST ring/leave a recorded message or text Mr Paul Woods in advance.  Failure to do so will result as an unauthorised absence and you will lose a mark.

Colour belt Grading

All colour-belt students MUST attend and take their grading.  Grading fee, licence & grading form must be handed in, at least, one week prior to the grading date.

Black belt Grading

The black-belt grading is a closed event, by invitation only.  If you are already a black-belt student then you are required to attend.

Jee-Goo lesson

This is a black-belt only class, held on a Sunday 11am - 1pm. Notice will be given in advance to all students when a Jee-Goo lesson is being held.